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09 - Elite Belmont Greenhouse 8x6 Alloy Horticultural Glass

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09 - Elite Belmont Greenhouse 8x6 Alloy Horticultural Glass is available for purchase in increments of 1

Quick Overview

The Elite Belmont greenhouse 8ft 5ins wide, with an eave height of 5ft 2in and now comes complete with the 'LOW THRESHOLD' integral base.

A must for the seasoned grower, the stunning Belmont maximises the gardening experience from its 8' 5" frame. Optional extras such as internal partitions and double doors make this a superb all round performer and an ideal choice.

If you require a larger greenhouse please contact our office on 01945 410361.

Please note: Larger sizes of the Belmont Greenhouse are available.

Customer Note: Users are required to select all required fields when applicable to proceed your order to the shopping basket. Any question please contact our office on 01945 410361.

If you would like to have your greenhouse erected for you then we can recommend an erection assembly service. All prices include full erection of the greenhouses with base or secured to ground base provided, there is an additional charge for greenhouse accessories. Please provide the size of the greenhouse with or without the extra door and any accessories you are purchasing along with the area in which you live.

For your greenhouse erection service quote please contact us on 01495 410 361.

double door

These can be installed in the back of your greenhouse.

crestings and finnials

Originally intended to create an individual and yet professional decorative finish to your greenhouse, it has been noted by many a grower that they can now double up as a deterrent against cats and birds gaining access to the greenhouse roof

elite auto vent opener

Elite AutoVent Opener: A popular choice with growers as it completely opens the vent to 18", allowing maximum ventilation, and requires no drilling with its universal fitting making it compatible with all industry models.

bayliss xl auto vent opener

Bayliss XL Auto Vent Opener: Its 12" opening fits closely and neatly to the glass, ideal for models where headroom is limited.

bayliss mk7 auto vent opener

Bayliss Mk.7 Auto Vent Opener: Designed primarily for heavy duty roof vents and is mandatory on the GX range as it is designed for raising heavier frames and offers a maximum 12" opening range.

roof vent

With the exception of the Window Garden and 2' long R-type, at least one 4ft sq manual roof vent is included as standard on all buildings. Depending upon what the greenhouse is going to be used for, additional roof ventilation can be purchased.

internal partition

A Partition provides compartments within your greenhouse.

hybrid panels

Hybrid aluminium panels are strong robust panels that replaces part of the side glass they are 585mm tall.

These panels are lawnmower and strimmer friendly.


standard water kit

Standard Kit: Each Elite rainwater harvesting kit is designed to ONLY fit Elite greenhouses. Each kit accommodates both gutters with stop ends at one end and outlets, pipes and additional fittings at the other. Water can be trained into a barrel or directed into a grid or garden. All fittings are in matt black PVC with UVI protection.

connection water kit
Connection Kit:
Similar to the standard greenhouse rainwater harvesting kit, but a traverse pipe travels across the back of the greenhouse to a T-junction, which effectively connects both gutters to one outlet. The outlet can be trained into a barrel or directed into a grid or garden.

100lt butt210lt butt

Elite offer two sizes of ridged moulded plastic barrels up to a capacity of 210 litres (46 gallons) to compliment the rainwater kits. These barrels ensure the collection of rain water is a simple task and when raised on bricks or fitted to the low cost aesthetically pleasing stand, allow for simple access to the incorporated tap. 210 Litre Standard Water Barrel Total height including base= 125cm Diameter= 53cm 100 Litre 'Slimline' Water Barrel Total height including base= 125.5cm Diameter= 38.5cm

louvre vent

Humid and stagnant air can cause condensation and develop disease and
mould in plants.

By adding a 5 blade louvre on the side or rear of your building, fresh air is
drawn in and encouraged to circulate from different levels.

Blade Options
1. Toughened glass
2. Polycarbonate blades

louvre auto vent opener

Automatic mechanisms are available for the 5 blade louvre ventilation system

ground anchors

Additional aluminum base anchor legs. Pkt. 4


Additional strength to your greenhouse framework can be provided by the Aluminium T bar which is available in 12", 24" or 36" lengths and used as eave or ridge bracing.

wooden staging

Flexibility is the key to the success of this popular wooden series. Made from sturdy Portuguese pine and available in four sizes, this double tier structure can be erected or folded away instantly thanks to its removable galvanised bracing stays allowing the staging to be easily transported.

modular staging alloymodular staging coloured

Modular staging offers affordable utility, storage and maximum working areas specific for your chosen model of greenhouse. Individually packaged, these lightweight units are an ideal choice.

diamond staging alloydiamond staging coloured

Elite provide the next generation of work area support for your greenhouse with the Diamond Series of staging and shelving.

1. Made from extruded aluminium giving a stronger and thicker material.
2. Can be fitted to any Elite greenhouse or lean-to.
3. Cantilever bracing attaches directly onto the framework structure adding extra strength and stability.
4. Accommodates the diagonal braces within an Elite building, and thus allowing for the first time a "fixed" shelf or staging which can fill the full width or length of your greenhouse.
5. Neater and professional finish.
6. No visible legs - your work space is increased through allowing for additional storage space beneath the staging.
7. Can be adjusted in height, allowing the user to sit directly at the bench whilst working.
8. Provides added benefits for wheelchair users.
9. Slatted design allowing for extra ventilation to any produce placed on the work surface.
10. Ideal for fluid drainage, compared with traditional designs.

all slatted bench

Made from high quality aluminium, the All Slatted Bench offers hard wearing performance and flexibility, an ideal choice for any greenhouse. Available in one size only, this two tiered platform allows the gardener to control the slat widths, thus tailoring it for any requirement, thus becoming very useful during the winter months when plants need more ventilation and less water.

These high quality, lightweight aluminium frames are maintenance free, space saving and easily movable and come complete with seed trays. Available in two sizes, 3 and 5 tiers, with each tier accommodating a maximum of three trays, making it an ideal tool for over-wintering tender garden plants, germination and growing-on of seedlings prior to planting out.

Seed trays included:

3 tier seed tray stand

3 Tier: Width 14" Length 30" Height 32"

5 tier seed tray stand
5 Tier: Width 14" Length 30" Height 50"

potting tidy

At 24" long and 22" deep, the potting tidy is a hard-wearing, sturdy and washable work tool with many uses. Made from durable plastic, finished in green, it provides an excellent working area, ideal for messy jobs, and with its 8.5" high back and perimeter lip, it keeps its contents in place.

diamond shelving

Made from extruded aluminium for a stronger and thicker material, this shelf has been designed specifically for an Elite product, whether it be a greenhouse or lean-to. The shelving can be adjusted to any height required within the greenhouse and is built with a slatted design, allowing for extra ventilation to any produce placed on the work surface and ideal for fluid drainage, compared with the traditional solid shelf.

The Diamond shelf has been tailored to the Elite framework, hence accommodating the diagonal braces within the building which do not need removing and thus allowing for the first time a shelf which can fill the full width or length of your greenhouse. The shelves can be combined to make longer lengths.

L 4ft x W 7½" (x3 shelf brackets)
L 6ft x W 7½" (x4 shelf brackets)
Shelf width from the Glass 8¾

extruded shelf

This ridged extruded aluminium shelf, which comes complete with fittings, is extremely strong and robust and when bolted to the side or end of the greenhouse forms an integral part of the building providing additional frame strength as well as a useful practical area.

Pack size 2
L 4ft 2" x W 6" (x2 shelf brackets)
L 6ft 2" x W 6" (x4 shelf brackets) Brackets are included.

sheet metal shelf

The aluminium is formed into a tray which sits on top of alloy brackets and can be flat or inverted, depending on use. Includes drainage points at each corner.

Pack size 2
L 37" x W 10" (x2 shelf brackets)
L 47" x W 10" (x3 shelf brackets)


Any material for example timber, aluminium, steel etc can sit safely on top of the bracket up to 10in. wide. Shelves are supplied in pairs and include fittings.

potting bench

The Potting Bench's working height is ideal for any concentrated task, such as the potting or transportation of fledging plants, making what was previously an arduous back breaking task, effortless. The 2" front lip prevents spillage and the working area comes complete with a 4" diameter hole allowing access for any wastage to be collected in the hopper below which is large enough to store an ample supply of compost and additional pots.

Width 23" Depth 20"
Height Front 35.5" Height Back 44"


The grow hooks are easily secured into the roof.  There are two functions of this hook.  The built in cable hook allows easy access to run an eclectic gable to run the length of the greenhouse so to allow lighting for example.  The second function provides a means to attach string to attach lightweight supports for plant development such as tomato / cucumber string.

Pack size: 6

super warm 5

Super Warm 5 boasts a 4.5 litre capacity fuel tank which will burn continuously for a staggering 3.5 days on one filling.

gas blue flame

The blue flame is 1.9KW thermostatically controlled gas greenhouse heater comes complete with hose and regulator.

electric palma

Electric palma 2KW is a thermostatically controled heater with an air circulation fan.


Electric slimline 1.2KW The space-saving design makes the heaters suitable for use where space is at a premium, with the units able to be operated either wall mounted or floor standing.


Electric Botanico 2KW The powder output is 2KW and it also features a thermostatically controlled frost guard and is suitable for greenhouses up to 10ft.

bubble insulation

Insulation extends plant life and can enable earlier propagation of plants, especially during the winter months when growth is much slower and frost protection is crucial.

Each kit is 30ft. x 2ft.5in. and comes complete with fittings to attach the UVI treated insulation to the framework and is guaranteed for 5 years against discolouration.

Elite recommend that if you do insulate your greenhouse, an allowance for ventilation is required to prevent damping off and the formation of disease.

plastic hook

Easily secured into the roof these useful hooks can be used to provide a means to attach light weight supports for plant development such as tomato strings.

Pack size: 6

lining hooklining hook

Used to attach lining such as bubble plastic or netting to the inside framework. The plug is pushed through the lining material and then twisted and locked into position in the glazing bar.

Pack size: 10

plastic plug spacersplastic plug spacers

Allows breath ability and reduces condensation when used with the lining hooks to create a 1" air gap between the lining material and the greenhouse glass.

Pack size: 6

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The Elite Belmont greenhouse 8ft 5ins wide, with an eave height of 5ft 2in and now comes complete with the 'LOW THRESHOLD' integral base.

A must for the seasoned grower, the stunning Belmont maximises the gardening experience from its 8' 5" frame. Optional extras such as internal partitions and double doors make this a superb all round performer and an ideal choice.

The Belmont greenhouse comes complete with the new wheelbarrow and wheelchair friendly 'low threshold' integral built in base where there is no step to trip over, as with many other makes, integral gutters and at least 1 roof vent, more with larger sizes, and all this as STANDARD.

Please note: Larger sizes of the Streamline are available if you require a larger greenhouse please contact our office on 01945 410361.

Elite Greenhouses Belmont Standard Features

You can also customise this model to your personal needs so that you get the greenhouse of your dreams.

In order to customise your Elite greenhouse, add any of the many additional options available including - auto vent openers; rainwater kit; staging; shelving and more.

All Elite greenhouses have strong ends, roof and side bracing's. We have sold many makes of greenhouse over the years and can strongly recommend any of the Elite models as being extremely robust and one of the strongest structures of its class and size on the market today.

Further down this page you will find additional Elite accessories suitable for this model.

Glazing Material

Horticultural Glass
Available in 3mm thick overlapping glass sheets.

Greenhouse Technical Information

Elite Belmont Sizes

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